Flood of applications to adopt 'Frank', dog recovering from beating

Annie Scholz

Photo: Video by tmj4.com

Flood of applications to adopt 'Frank', dog recovering from beating

CREATED Aug. 15, 2013 - UPDATED: Aug. 15, 2013

MILWAUKEE - A beaten dog -- on the mend. Now, a flood of applications are coming in to adopt “Frank”

"I just saw him and I just felt like he needed me," says Jessica Trier.

Trier got one look at Frank’s swollen face and knew she wanted to help him feel better by bringing him into her home.

"He just broke my heart," says Trier. "And when I read the story about how badly he was beaten, I just didn't understand it."

Thanks to a good Samaritan picking Frank up from the side of the road, he's now healing and ready to head to a new home.

After our story aired Wednesday night, Frank is a dog in demand. Jessica is just one of a ton of people putting their name on the list.

You can find the online adoption form on Canine Cupids' Facebook page. They tell Today’s TMJ4 they have been flooded with requests for Frank from people here in Milwaukee and as far away as Minnesota and California.

Jessica says she feels a special bond with Frank already. Five years ago, she suffered a severe head injury herself.

"I get that, whether you're a dog or a human and I understand the love he needs and the rest he needs," Trier explains.

Frank still has a ways to go before he finds his forever home. But for the first time for this little guy, there are plenty of people wanting to give it to him.

Jessica says she should know if she's made the first cut in the next two to three days. The folks at Canine Cupids say they're going through every application with a fine-tooth comb, and it will be at least two weeks before Frank is ready for a new family.