Fans want Rodgers to avoid the rush

Steve Chamraz

Fans want Rodgers to avoid the rush

CREATED Nov. 26, 2013

MENOMONEE FALLS — DJ’s Goalpost is the kind of place so steeped in the green and gold, the colors appear to bleed from the walls.

But the fans here are realists who don’t want to see Aaron Rodgers rush back too soon.

“I don’t want him playing against the Lions anyway. With their defensive line, he’ll get crushed,” said Lee Becker.

Becker was encouraged to see Rodgers throwing the ball in practice Tuesday, but as the quarterback said himself on ESPN Radio, there is more to it than that.

“I haven't had any pain throwing. The issue is it's not that simple,” Rodgers told ESPN Radio host Jason Wilde. “Obviously risk management, the flexibility and the strength, the two components of this injury that need to be where I want to be in order to play."  

Like Rodgers, fans here know waiting right now is the best medicine. Forcing the issue could just make the injury worse.

“I really want him back, but i don’t him to be hurt. so if he’s not ready, i’ll go with Flynn,” said Melanie Wonser.