Family reunited after accidental cross-country roadtrip

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Family reunited after accidental cross-country roadtrip

CREATED Oct. 2, 2013

WEST BEND - For days, Jose Gomez did not know where 7-year-old Marcus and 8-year-old Dominique could be. They are safe in Wisconsin - and Marcus has a new Packers hat.

“Life is going to get back to school and work," father Jose Gomez says. "You know, ordinary stuff. Who would have thought ordinary stuff could be so appealing?"

Police in Carrollton, Texas put out a photo of the children's grandfather and his Jeep. Grandpa William took the kids to the park Sunday, but never came back. Authorities tracked food and gas purchases in six states. 

The 57-year-old grandfather underwent brain surgery a decade ago, and this appears to be an episode of memory loss and confusion.

“We were at the park and then we wanted to go home," Marcus says.

“He felt it was going to start raining and then we then tried to go home.  Then we got lost," adds Dominique.

TODAY'S TMJ4 was there when Jose and his brother arrived at Mitchell International Airport. They got word Tuesday that the grandfather pulled up to a Washington County Sheriff's Deputy and asked for directions to Texas. 

So now it's off to see the grandfather in the hospital, thankful their family is finally reunited. 

“Thank you guys," Gomez says. "We really appreciate it.”