Dirty Dining investigates a kitchen inspectors called 'very dirty'

Courtny Gerrish

Photo: Video by tmj4.com

Dirty Dining investigates a kitchen inspectors called 'very dirty'

CREATED Dec. 12, 2013 - UPDATED: Dec. 13, 2013

A spot in Walker's Point had a number of critical problems on its health inspection including expired food.

Terra Restaurant and Bar on 6th Street and Bruce. Most prepared food did not have expiration dates. Food has to be thrown out after seven days. A rule Terra did not follow with some cooked meat. The container was dated November 6th .

Nobody could comment on those violations when we stopped by. Things like stained cutting boards with old food on them. The inspector called the kitchen very dirty. Terra was ordered to clean cooking equipment splattered with grease, work surfaces with old food debris. A note in the report says "every appliance and surface needs a detail cleaning."

A bottle of first aid spray was sitting next to uncovered food, and the inspector wrote "the condition of the kitchen and the lack of attention to code requirements ... indicate no one is taking responsibility for food safety."

I talked to one of the owner's by phone. He told me he left for a few days and the restaurant went downhill.

Another place with problems "Kwik Wok." We gave them a Blue Ribbon award last year. Now they were fined for outdated fried chicken, food temperature issues and an employee not using gloves.

Out in Delafield Bennolli's Pizza is keeping things clean with no problems on its last inspection. .