Delafield gun club faces uphill battle at commission meeting

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Delafield gun club faces uphill battle at commission meeting

CREATED Sep. 25, 2013

DELAFIELD -  The Delafield Planning Commission Wednesday night considered a gun club's controversial proposal to re-open.

John Barker owns Arcon Manufacturing, a business that sits 200 yards from the Hartland Sportsmen's Club. That's 400 yards closer than a pregnant Raluca Buznea was when she was hit by a stray bullet back in 2010.

"I'm not against the range," Barker says. "I'm against the fact that the safety of the employees would be in jeopardy every time we went out on our patio."
Safety was the top concern at a Delafield Planning Commission meeting tonight as the club made its case to re-open.
"This club is going to be state of the art," said Jeremy Levinson, the club's attorney.
Levinson tells TODAY'S TMJ4 they've spent the last three years devising a plan that includes more range supervision and something called "no blue sky" technology.
"These are steel structures that literally make it impossible for a round fired from a firing position to leave that range," explains Levinson.
But it wasn't enough to convince the majority of the crowd.
"I'm basically unrelenting in my opposition to this gun club," said one resident.
Emphatically in favor of the club was Michael Schulze, with Boy Scout Troop 87. He argues one bad incident shouldn't be the end.
"We may be in the minority here tonight, I think there's lot of people that support this in the area. It's been a great facility for us to use and teach the boys," Schulze argues.
The club insists it will be safer than ever.
"Anyone in the vicinity of the club is going to be at least as safe as they are on Main Street," Levinson promises. 
The commission decided to hold off on making any decisions until their next meeting.