18-month-old girl killed in hit-and-run accident

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Photo: Video by tmj4.com

18-month-old girl killed in hit-and-run accident

By James Kust. CREATED Nov 27, 2013 - UPDATED: Nov 27, 2013

MILWAUKEE - Tragedy on the south side after an 18-month-old girl is killed in a hit-and-run crash.

Clothing piled in the middle of the street was all that was left after a hit-and-run accident left an 18-month-old girl dead and her mother headed to the hospital Friday afternoon.

"We're standing outside, so I run down there and see if everything is okay and the mom is going crazy and the little girl is just laying there in the street," Kayla Copus remembers.

Copus works at Mr. D's Pizza and tried to help as people covered the little girl with coats and did everything they could to keep her mother calm.

"It was just horrible. The U-Haul truck just drove right off. Just took a sharp turn."

We found the U-Haul stopped by police on South 7th St. A 26-year-old Milwaukee man was taken into custody.

Back at the intersection, the folks at Guarding Your Angels daycare, where the victims were going before this happened, say the stretch of road has been a problem for years.

"It's just non-stop from early in the morning until late at night," says Dawn Marowsky. "It's just one of those situations where you're always concerned that people might get hurt."

Marowksy says they've begged local leaders to put up more signs and they hope what happened is a sign that they can't wait any longer.

"We sincerely do hope that this is going to be the wake-up call that they need to take this situation to heart and not let something like this happen again."

The mother who was hit is expected to be okay.