Snowmobilers unhappy with new requirements

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Snowmobilers unhappy with new requirements

CREATED Oct. 18, 2013

MILWAUKEE -- It's not even winter yet, but some snowmobilers are already furious.

Some riders say pending legislation, if passed would create a two tier registration system.

Charles Griffith who is opposed to the changes said riders who do not want to belong to local clubs would take a financial hit.

"They're giving a discount to club members and they're penalizing non club members." said Griffith.

Trail passes for club members would be around $15.00. Non-members would pay around $35.00.

"The people that are just your 88 percent of normal snowmobilers are getting penalized from this bill." said Patrick Schmutzer.

Both Griffith and Schmutzer said some of the funds would be funneled to the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs, which is a private organization.

Wisconsin State Sen. Rick Gudex said the money would help pay for grooming and upkeep for the trails. Sen. Gudex said it would benefit both locals and tourists.