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Be aware of banned fireworks in Milwaukee

Be aware of banned fireworks in Milwaukee

By Jon Meerdink. CREATED Jul 3, 2013

MILWAUKEE - If you're planning your personal fireworks display for tonight, you may want to think again. The City of Milwaukee is pretty strict when it comes to what you're allowed to light up for the Fourth of July.

"You're not allowed to have any explosive device at all," said Officer Raymond Robakowski.

That includes sparklers, caps, bottle rockets, cherry bombs, and any kind of aerial display, like Roman candles.

And if you're caught with fireworks, prepare to pay.

"For adults, the monetary forfeiture would be $689," said Robakowski. "And for juveniles, it's $84."

What's more, if a parent is found to be allowing a juvenile to play with fireworks, the parent will pay the full fine amount.

In the end, Robakowski says you may just want to leave the fireworks to the professionals.