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3 plan to paddle board across Lake Michigan

The Associated Press

Photo: Image by 'Mike' Michael L. Baird

3 plan to paddle board across Lake Michigan

CREATED Jul. 2, 2013 - UPDATED: Jul. 2, 2013

NORTON SHORES, Mich. (AP) -- Two brothers and a friend are planning a more than 80-mile crossing of Lake Michigan by sharing time on a paddle board. reports 23-year-old Craig Masselink, his 19-year-old brother Trent Masselink and their friend 21-year-old Ginny Melby plan to leave Milwaukee on Sunday on what's expected to be a 30-plus hour trip to their families' cottages in West Michigan.

Melby lives in Grand Rapids and spent her summers getting to know the Masselinks, who have a cottage next door to her parents' in Norton Shores.

They plan to set off together with one person on the board while the other two are in a 24-foot boat filled with food, water and supplies.

The paddle aims to raise money for the organization Restore International.