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Saz's Mozzarella Marinara has become longstanding tradition at Summerfest

Jon Byman

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Saz's Mozzarella Marinara has become longstanding tradition at Summerfest

By Jon Byman. CREATED Jun 26, 2013

MILWAUKEE - Saz’s Mozzarella Marinara has become one of the staples of Summerfest, and Saz explains the history behind it.

“Years ago when we were invited to come down to Summerfest, we wanted to come up with something where you could have a beer in one hand and eat a finger food in the other hand,” he explained. “I’m Bohemian, but I decided that mozzarella marinara, which is basically a pan-fried mozzarella cheese, and then cut it with a knife and fork and dip it in the marinara sauce. But boy, if we could do that with our hands then we would have a winning product.”

They got it! The mozzarella marinara can be described as a cheese eggroll.

“My chef went out with a Chinese chef one night after work, and they were talking about it,” Saz explained. “And the Chinese chef said, ‘Very simple. Chinese eggroll.’ And that’s how we started rolling our own mozzarella marinaras.”

The trick is that you have to roll them by hand. For years they did it right on the Summerfest Grounds, but that is long gone.

“They’re still hand-rolled,” Saz added. “The big companies try to do it but… because the won ton, the dough is so fragile, the machine can’t pick it up and roll it and it just doesn’t work. Now they’re hand-rolled in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.”