Duck statues on Milwaukee River get dressed up

Jay Sorgi

Photo: Tiffany Lange Photo: Image by Tiffany Lange

Duck statues on Milwaukee River get dressed up

CREATED May. 9, 2013

MILWAUKEE - Someone has decided to dress up Milwaukee's duck statues downtown, and a TODAY'S TMJ4 viewer caught it on camera!

Tiffany Lange took the photos (which you can see above) of some of the statues of Gertie, Black Bill, Dee Dee, Freddie, Millie, Pee Wee, and Rosie the Ducks wearing bonnets.

You can find those statues along the Milwaukee River by the Wisconsin Avenue Bridge.

In the shadow of war, Gertie's story went the World War II version of "viral" and offered a story of hope to the nation and world.

During World War II, Gertie settled along the river's banks and nested.  Out hatched her six children.

People regularly gathered along their banks during their lunch hour to see Gertie's progress, and many within and far beyond Milwaukee rejoiced when the eggs hatched.

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