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Cold War-era fallout shelter discovered in Neenah garden

Mike Conroy

In 2010, fifty years after the Neenah family’s fallout shelter was constructed, the Zwick family opened the backyard shelter. Photo: Image by Ken Zwick

Cold War-era fallout shelter discovered in Neenah garden

CREATED Apr. 30, 2013 - UPDATED: Apr. 30, 2013

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NEENAH - A family in Neenah made an amazing discovery while getting its garden ready for spring. Tucked away, under thick brush, the Zwick family found a tent shaped steel cover.

After unlocking the chain covering the doors, the family found what historians are saying is a nuclear war fallout shelter.

Inside, the Zwicks found several rusty metal cases, water tight and floating in ground water. Each box contained previsions, enough food, personal care items and first aid supplies to last two weeks underground.

The Neenah Historical Society says the fallout shelter was likely built around 1950, right in the middle of the Cold War between the United States and The Soviet Union.

The Society plans to display the items in its museum.