Elderly people murdered in SW Wisconsin; suspect arrested in Waukesha

Nick Montes and the Associated Press with Jay Sorgi

Photo: Video by tmj4.com

Elderly people murdered in SW Wisconsin; suspect arrested in Waukesha

CREATED Apr. 28, 2013 - UPDATED: Apr. 29, 2013

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WAUKESHA - Authorities have released the name of the suspect and three murder victims from a case in Southwestern Wisconsin.

Jaren Kuester was arrested for the murders of Gary Thoreson, 70, his wife Cloe Thoreson, 66, and his brother Dean Thoreson, 76.  They were from South Wayne, Wis.

Authorities arrested the 31-year-old murder suspect in Waukesha after a standoff at an apartment complex there.

Lafayette County Sheriff Scott Pedley says his office got a call Sunday morning after a family member found a dead person in a house in Wiota Township, near rural South Wayne.

Deputies arrived to find two more bodies in the house, and a truck registered to one of the victims was gone.

Authorities alerted law enforcement in the Milwaukee area that a man who was a person of interest was heading to southeastern Wisconsin in one of the victims' blue pickup truck.

Waukesha Police used that information to track down Kuester to the apartment complex.

Police did not say if he lived there, or why he was there.  That left neighbors unsettled.

"Everybody's kind of looking, going, 'Are we OK?' " said Tomas Groth, a neighbor.  "We all have kids out here."

"The tenants seem to be concerned," said building manager Peggy Graves to TODAY'S TMJ4's Nick Montes.

"However, they are calm.  It was not any kind of threat.  It wasn't a situation that occurred here...This is an apartment complex.  It's independent living.  It could happen in your neighborhood. It could happen in your neighborhood.  It could happen in any community."

She maintained that Kuester did not live in the building.

When Nick asked why he was possibly there, Graves responded "I would rather not say."

Lafayette County Sheriff Scott Pedley says the danger to his community is over.

Authorities are still investigating.