Teen meets Wisconsin dog paid for by actor Charlie Sheen

Jesse Ritka

Photo: Video by tmj4.com

Teen meets Wisconsin dog paid for by actor Charlie Sheen

CREATED Apr. 11, 2013 - UPDATED: Apr. 11, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - It has been been nearly three years since Teagan Marti fell 100 feet from a ride in the Wisconsin Dells on a family trip to Extreme World.

The accident left Marti with nearly fatal injuries, but now the 15-year-old is walking with the help of a walker. And soon, the Florida teenager will have a friendlier companion by her side thanks partially to actor Charlie Sheen.

Back in February, TODAY’S TMJ4’s Jesse Ritka introduced us to English Golden Retriever puppy named Charlie, after the actor and donor who heard Teagan’s story from his godfather.

Teagan Marti and her mother Julie flew into Milwaukee Thursday to meet the dog who will soon be helping Teagan in more ways than she can imagine. The teenager had only seen pictures and video of Charlie before today.

"I was really happy to just have a friend to help me out," she said.

Teagan has had a lot of help since that trip to Extreme World, where many didn’t even expect her to live through the first night after the fall that initially paralyzed her.

But with the help of her walker, Teagan was able to start some training with Charlie’s Fond du Lac dog trainer Jake Guell.

"We just had a little session where she was able to walk with Teagan outside and that was a nice experience for the both of them," Teagan remembered.

It will take more time and training, but eventually Charlie will help Teagan walk, flip light switches and pick things up, although Teagan’s mom thinks Charlie will do so much more.

"Her friends are older and gone a lot at school, and gone a lot on the weekends, and I think this will provide her with some companionship," Teagan's mom said.

It was companionship at first lick after waiting so long to meet.

"I was just really excited that I was finally able to meet her," explains Teagan.

And it seems like Charlie knows she’s changing the Marti family’s lives.

"When she first met Teagan, she went right to her and put her head on her lap, which I was surprised by that," Guell said.

The Marti family was brought to tears by the surprise of continued generosity this long after Teagan’s injuries.

"This is, it has a lot of meaning to Teagan and our family," Julie said.

Teagan's journey doesn't end here. She still has weeks of training to go through with Charlie, as they gain independence together. Then Charlie will officially move to Florida with Teagan in September, for her 16th birthday.

But Teagan may get an early present on Monday, Charlie Sheen himself is expected to pay her and her new puppy a visit.

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