Crowds gather in Milwaukee to support same-sex marriage

Annie Scholz


Crowds gather in Milwaukee to support same-sex marriage

CREATED Mar. 26, 2013

MILWAUKEE - Wisconsin's constitutional ban on same-sex marriage could be affected if the Supreme Court overturns California's law.

Supporters of same-sex marriage rallied in Milwaukee to say "love is love" -- and that's all that matters.

A crowd filled Plymouth Church in Milwaukee Tuesday night in support of equal rights for same-sex couples -- couples like Jason Burns and Nathan Brunner.

Jason Burns: "Our love is real. And so if marriage is supposed to celebrate love, then we shouldn't be considered a threat."

The two were married 8 months ago in Washington, DC and argue their union isn't that unusual.

Nathan Brunner: "We stress about paying the bills and worry about the dog and one day having kids and our dreams and our hopes. We're just like everybody else."

It's something Ray Vahey has felt for decades. He met Richard, the love of his life, in 1956. It took 50 years together to really find their voice.

Ray Vahey: "I was asked to speak at Pride Fest in 2005 along with him and we did, and we never shut up after that.”

That includes saying "I do" a year later -- in the hospital right before Richard died. Ray tells Today’s TMJ4 he misses his husband every day, and he'll fight so other couples can have a chance to share what they did for so long.

Ray Vahey: "There is nothing so beautiful as love and that's what we're here for.”

There were no protesters at the rally. Jason tells us he's flying to Washington, DC Wednesday morning to be a part of what's happening there.