DOT: I-43/94 work is reason for closure on 794

Michelle Richards

DOT: I-43/94 work is reason for closure on 794

CREATED Mar. 25, 2013 - UPDATED: Mar. 25, 2013

Scroll through the photos for visual descriptions of the 794 closure and I-43/94 construction projects.

MILWAUKEE - An intersection that's closed on Milwaukee's south side is causing some confusion for drivers. 

Drivers can't go south on 794 from Oklahoma Avenue ,which may be confusing, because there's no work being done there. 

Mike Pyritz with the Wisconsin DOT says it's actually closed because of the I-94/43 project.

"While that closure is on 794, it's really a traffic control option they're put in place to help with surface streets and diverted traffic off of I-43/94," explained Pyritz.

"That particular intersection is very much a pinch point, even without construction in the area."

That turn lane will remain closed until June, because crews still have a lot of work to do on the I-43/94 project.

"Once we get some of those interchanges along that project opened back up, we will come over and re-open Oklahoma."

Pyritz explained that many people were searching in the Hoan Bridge section of the DOT's web site, instead of the I-43/94 section.