More info released on West Allis fire that took lives of two teens

Nick Montes


More info released on West Allis fire that took lives of two teens

CREATED Mar. 22, 2013 - UPDATED: Mar. 22, 2013


MILWAUKEE - Confusion and chaos in the calls to 911 the night two teenagers died in a West Allis house fire.

A duplex in West Allis is on fire early Sunday morning, and three children are trapped inside. The first 911 call came in after 3:30.

CALLER: "There's two or three kids in the attic.
CALLER: Yes Sir. In West Allis."

There were actually four children inside: Michael Gonzales, his brothers Joel and Kendall and friend Isaiha Kobow. But Sergeant Walsh can't hear over the chaos, and asks again.

WEST ALLIS DISPATCH: "How many kids are in the attic?"
CALLER: "(inaudible) ... children in the attic."
WEST ALLIS DISPATCH: "How many children are in the attic? Hello?

Just then, there is more commotion in the background.

WEST ALLIS DISPATCH: "How many children?
CALLER: "There's two or three children in the attic.
WEST ALLIS DISPATCH: "Okay, is there anyone else in the household?"
CALLER: "No, there's two to three in the attic right now.
WEST ALLIS DISPATCH: "Two to three kids in the there right now?"
CALLER: "In the attic - and the fire is in the upper duplex."
WEST ALLIS DISPATCH: "Ok - They're out there and they're coming right now okay."

Joel Gonzales got out. Then rushed back in to try and save his brothers and friend. He rescued four year old Kendall. But it was too late for Michael and Isaiha.

Services for Michael and Isaiha are this weekend. They are open to the public.