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DA closes case on officer-involved shooting that left one man dead

Annie Scholz

DA closes case on officer-involved shooting that left one man dead

CREATED Mar. 21, 2013

MILWAUKEE - He shot and killed a suspect during a chase on the South Side. Now, there's a decision about the police officer's future.

That officer has been cleared of any wrongdoing. Despite never finding a weapon on the suspect at the scene, the district attorney said officer Shawn Pecoraro was justified in using deadly force.

Marlene Haase will never forget what she saw outside the window of her South Side home last November.

"There's a dead body there, there's a policeman laying over it," said Haase.

The scene was on 1st and Howard. Daniel Kleinmann was running from a car parts deal gone bad. Officer Shawn Pecoraro responded. He chased Kleinmann in his squad car, then on foot. Kleinmann looked at Pecoraro, and with his hand in his jacket pocket, extended his arm toward the officer. That's when Pecoraro fired eight times, hitting Kleinmann twice and killing him.

"In this circumstance, the officer was certainly confronted with a volatile, fast-moving situation and took the action that seemed appropriate given what he knew at the time," said Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn.

The call came out as an armed robbery, though no weapon was ever found on Kleinmann, or at the scene.

"He had to act on the information that he had at his disposal in that moment and obviously it was a heavy decision but he did the correct thing under the circumstances," said Flynn.

The District Attorney agreed, saying "...Pecoraro could not have been expected to wait and see if Kleinmann was actually pointing a firearm at him."

A final chapter in a story folks in the neighborhood are happy is over.

"This was really creepy. I've never experienced anything like it in my life," Haase added.