Police release dashcam video of ex-Marine who saved woman


Police release dashcam video of ex-Marine who saved woman

By Steve Chamraz. CREATED Mar 20, 2013 - UPDATED: Mar 21, 2013

MILWAUKEE - It happened on this street on Tuesday, March 12. As police rushed to the scene of a domestic violence attack, another good guy with a gun was already there.

Tuesday night, police released dashcam video from the six officers who responded. They found one former Marine who intervened in that fight, and drew a concealed firearm to stop it.

Blackmore said he was ready to do whatever it took to protect that woman, until police arrived.

The woman was treated for broken bones in her face. At six feet tall and 220 pounds, Kenneth Harris towered over his girlfriend, and he is now charged with felony battery.

Given Harris' size, Charlie Blackmore was convinced his gun was the only thing preventing Harris from hurting her even worse. Or turning on him.

"Looking into his eyes, I knew there was going to be a confrontation,” Blackmore said. “I knew he was coming for me."

Blackmore has been praised for his quick thinking. Meanwhile, Kenneth Harris is sitting in jail, and could spend three years in prison if convicted.


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