Doucette drops Hall-of-Fame gems during Newsradio 620 WTMJ Bucks broadcast

Jay Sorgi

Eddie Doucette in his early days as "Voice of the Bucks." | Photo: Eddie Doucette

Doucette drops Hall-of-Fame gems during Newsradio 620 WTMJ Bucks broadcast

CREATED Mar. 7, 2013

MILWAUKEE - Many people probably went to bed by the time original Newsradio 620 WTMJ Voice of the Bucks Eddie Doucette slipped behind the play-by-play microphone for the 3rd quarter of the Bucks-Los Angeles Clippers game on Wednesday night.

Throughout the game, Doucette and current Bucks voice Ted Davis each offered up some of his trademark calls while describing today's version of what Doucette used to call the "Big Green Line."

Some examples of the work from soon-to-be Hall-of-Famer Doucette and Davis:

- Doucette on play-by-play: "Ilyasova over to Jennings, and Jennings with a fadeaway DEEP shot, and I mean deep!  That baby's from the 'Twilight Zone.' "
- Davis on color: "Give that one a Bango."
- Doucette: "Oh, BANGO!!!!  That drove some guy in an 18-wheeler off the road in Wausau.  I can hear it now."

- Doucette on play-by-play: "Griffin threw the ball away.  Breakaway!  The checkered flag is out.  Ellis with a lead, drop...Sanders with a two-hand, over the head jam dunk.  The Bucks again showing they don't want to go away.  They're in no hurry to get to the bus."

- Davis on play-by-play: "Sanders for the slam!  Look out below, the Sandman on a twirling pass by Ellis.  What do you say, he goes in the spin cycle?"
- Doucette on color: "He's in the spin cycle.  He cleaned and pressed them."

- Davis on play-by-play: "Ellis, flying high!  Slamming!  Look out below!  Put it on the highlight DVD!  Alert, air traffic control, Eddie!"
- Doucette on color: "He was wayyyy up there where the air's so rare.  He comes away with a deuce, and the crowd, many of them with their lips on the floor."