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No more checks for federal benefits

Karen Stiles

No more checks for federal benefits

CREATED Feb. 23, 2013

MILWAUKEE - If you or someone you know receives a check for federal benefits like social security, s-s-i, or veterans benefits, listen up.

As of march 1st, the us treasury will no longer be issuing paper checks.

All payments, with a few exceptions, will be made via direct deposit to your bank or credit union account or sent in the form of a direct express debit mastercard.

The change is being made so that recipients will have a safer, more immediate, access to these funds, with less problems and costs associated with issuing checks.

If you are already receiving your funds via direct deposit or debit card, this change will not affect you.

However, if you are still receiving a paper check, it is important that you contact the u.S. Treasury electronic payment solution center at 1-800-333-1795 or contact a local social security, veterans affairs, or federal office that administers your benefits, as soon as possible.

This change will happen in less than two weeks, and it is important that you take action now.

Click here ( or call (800) 333-1795 for more information.