Family of missing student continues search

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Family of missing student continues search

CREATED Jan. 4, 2013

MILWAUKEE - Friends and family of Nick Wilcox were back out Friday night hoping for any sign of the missing Milwaukee man

Andrea Wilcox, sister: "We're just asking if anybody and everybody can please just help us find my brother."

A heartwrenching plea from Andrea Wilcox, whose brother Nick disappeared after a night of drinking New Year's Eve. They were back at it again Friday night, handing out flyers and asking if anyone knows anything.

Andrea Wilcox, sister: "As amazing as it is, there's people who don't even know about it. They haven't heard. It's all over Facebook, it's all over the news."

The family started a Facebook page called "Please Help Find Nick Wilcox". It already has hundreds of 'likes'. They're asking anyone near Old World Third Street New Years Eve to check their phones and cameras. It's possible Nick might be in the background of a photo that could help them piece together where he might be.

Nick's father says the Irish Rec Room, where Nick was last seen, has served as the command post for their search.

Nick Wilcox, father: "We've had quite a few people show up and help us and it's nice to have a warm place to come and get started and meet afterwards."

But still no answers, and no way they're giving up.

Andrea Wilcox, sister: "We're just doing it again and again and again and we're not going to stop until we find something."