Rescue crews recommend staying away from Lake Michigan

Annie Scholz

Rescue crews recommend staying away from Lake Michigan

CREATED Oct. 29, 2012 - UPDATED: Oct. 29, 2012

MILWAUKEE- Warnings are being issued along the lakefront in Milwaukee County.

The message from rescue crews: The best way to stay safe, is to stay away.

Diane Kestner joined a crowd of onlookers on Milwaukee's lakefront Monday night, watching Mother Nature make her way ashore.

"This is just fascinating, nature's just fascinating altogether," says Kestner.

The waves sent Tim Pitts back to his California days.

"I used to live out in San Diego and yeah, even if I was a surfer in San Diego I wouldn't try to tame these waves."

Rescue crews say there isn't much they can do for you once the waves hit eight feet.  The waves in the storm are expected to be twice that high.

Josh Talsky wanted to get one last surf in before the big storm.

"It's supposed to be like 19 feet in the afternoon...I'm not even ready for that, not even close."

That's why rescue crews want everyone to stay away from the water.

"The National Weather Service forecasted 40 knot winds, gusts up to 50 knots," says Lt. j.g. Brian Dykens of the U.S. Coast Guard.

Parking lots along the lakefront will be closed, and the breakwall will be blocked off, but the best thing to do?

"Just stay home and watch it on TV," says Milwaukee Police Captain Steve Basting.

The Red Cross is already on the East Coast; Governor Walker readied the Wisconsin National Guard Monday afternoon, and Waukesha-based Generac has already started sending generators to the region.