Waukesha neighbors thankful no one seriously hurt during police standoff

WTMJ News Team

Waukesha neighbors thankful no one seriously hurt during police standoff

CREATED Oct. 24, 2012 - UPDATED: Oct. 24, 2012

WAUKESHA- Residents of the Wynwood Condominium complex are simply thankful everyone's alive following Tuesday's police standoff.

Dozens of bullet holes were left behind by the chaos.  It's not a pretty picture as glass and debris strewn about a lower level condo where 76-year-old Dick Paterius once lived.

The former president of the condo association came to see his ex-wife Tuesday -- violating a protection order.

"The suspect did make remarks to his daughter, that he was married 53 years, 'til death do we part," says Waukesha Police Chief Russell Jack.

When officers arrived, Paterius aimed his shotgun at police.

"The suspect fired two rounds of turkey shot at the officers.  The officers responded with approximately 26 handgun rounds before disengaging to a position of cover with the victim," says Chief Jack.

The marks of the exchange are clearly visible with stone chipped and glass broken by gunfire.

Upstairs neighbor and friend Barbara Klabunde ran for cover, just feet from the holes in her walls.

"I spent probably 20 minutes in my walk-in closet," says Klabunde.  "I saw an officer on the ground. And she was on her stomach and pointing a gun towards them, and I just totally lost it."

One officer is recovering after something grazed their head.  Paterius' ex-wife broke her arm, after police say the man pushed her.  She's also on the mend.

"It seemed nice to hear her voice, she was upbeat," says Klabunde.

As Paterius sits in jail, crews work to erase the damage left behind.  Thankfully, the only casualty of a chaotic situation.

Paterius faces a number of charges and will likely be in court Thursday.