Germantown man charged with mistreating hundreds of animals

Germantown man charged with mistreating hundreds of animals

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Oct 15, 2012

GERMANTOWN- A man from Germantown who had hundreds of animals on his property has been charged with letting dozens of them die.

Investigators found more than a hundred dead chickens and many more in sickening conditions when authorities arrived at Jack Krueger's property back on August 2.

The animals that survived are still being cared for by the humane society.

Tina Duras works for the Washington County Humane Society and was one of many who helped save the animals that survived.  Krueger is now charged with six criminal counts, including not providing adequate food or water and letting animals live in their own waste.

"(We found) feathers of chickens that had been deceased and then the cages were being used for chickens that were alive," describes Duras.

Neighbors called police in August after making the gruesome discovery.

It just wasn't chickens and ducks that had to endure deplorable conditions.  Investigators say they found Krueger's house filled with animal feces and three dogs without food or water

"Currently they (the recovered animals) are not up for adoption, not until we are granted custody of them by their owner surrendering them over to us or the district attorney granting us custody," says Duras.

Krueger hasn't said if he plans on surrendering the animals.

"We were hoping for a quick resolution and have not come to that so far," says Duras.

Those chickens, geese and ducks remain in foster care at local farms.