Vicious dog on the loose taken down in Germantown

Michelle Richards & WTMJ News Team

Vicious dog on the loose taken down in Germantown

CREATED Sep. 27, 2012 - UPDATED: Sep. 27, 2012

GERMANTOWN - A vicious German Shepherd on the loose has been taken down, TODAY'S TMJ4 confirmed.

Germantown Police Chief Peter Hoell said in a statement that the police department tried capturing the dog alive without placing the public in danger, but were unable to do so.  The capture attempts lasted for nearly eight hours before authorities say they were forced to put the dog down.

"We know most pets are like family to the owners.  Our deepest sympathies to the owners, we had hoped this could have ended in a different way," said Chief Hoell in a statement.

According to an earlier release, the owner of the German Shepherd had taken the dog to a veterinarian because it was acting strangely.  The dog bit two family members who were medically treated and released.

It is not clear why the dog was behaving that way, but Hoell said the dog may have been accidentally poisoned or it may be rabid.  The remains will be sent to Madison for testing.