Fans react to NFL ref deal

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Fans react to NFL ref deal

CREATED Sep. 27, 2012

MILWAUKEE - Packers fans are reacting to news that the NFL refs have struck a deal with the league.  Fans we talked to say the decsion comes a few days late.  But it appears people are happy the game will be back to the way we know it.

"I'm really excited about seeing the real refs get back on the field and real football coming back," said  Kyle Arpke.

Sunday will be the first time the real refs will judge a game at Lambeau Field this year.

"The Packers can actually win games legitimately and not get screwed over by referees," Arpke said.

The deal will give the refs a big raise, upping the average salary to about $205,000 a year by 2019.

"They had the right to go on strike because of how - I think how much the players get paid versuses how much they get paid," another fan said.