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Kenosha man wants answers after random, violent attack

WTMJ News Team

Kenosha man wants answers after random, violent attack

CREATED Sep. 13, 2012 - UPDATED: Sep. 13, 2012

KENOSHA- Kenosha police are investigating a wave of random, violent attacks by a group of teens from the past few weeks.

One victim told TODAY'S TMJ4 he was attacked by the teens at 56th Street and 22nd Avenue.

"This here (showing scars) is from 10 stitches," said Philip Mengo to TODAY'S TMJ4.  Besides his visible scars, he is forced to wear a neck brace.  "My vertebra is fractured. I got kicked and punched."

The 37-year-old said his injuries came after a teenager followed him out of this corner store and jumped him.

"I defended the best I could and before I knew it there were three more guys on me."

The group of four allegedly punched Mengo repeatedly in a Kenosha parking lot.

"I blacked out almost instantly from the multiple hits."

At one point he tried running back inside the store.  "They got me again they tackled me and beat on me some more.  At that point they said I know he got money."

Kenosha police said Mengo's attack and the others are all under investigation. They acknowledge the attacks have been wide spread, but they have not determined if they're dealing with one group or many groups.

Investigators haven't said if robbery is the only motive behind the attacks.  They have not released how many people they're looking for.