Kenosha family distraught after child accidentally hangs himself

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Kenosha family distraught after child accidentally hangs himself

CREATED Sep. 4, 2012 - UPDATED: Sep. 5, 2012

KENOSHA- There is shock and sadness for one local family after their child accidentally hangs himself.

The five-year-old autistic boy got tangled up in some cords attached to window blinds.  The family told TODAY'S TMJ4 the boy died accidentally while playing in an upstairs bedroom.

Pastor Todd Cook headed into the house to comfort the mother who lost her son Monday afternoon in Kenosha.

"I believe in my heart that it was an accident and no neglect," said Pastor Cook.

The pastor told TODAY'S TMJ4 the mother is now relying on her faith.

Neighbor Jenny Paul considers this a mother's worse nightmare.  That's why she took the necessary steps on her mini blinds.

"I just took the clamps off and reclipped them and they're high enough so they can't get a hold of them," said Paul.

Pastor Cook said the mother had the cords up high but somehow the boy still climbed up and grabbed the string.  He also said the mother thought she took all the necessary precautions in her home.

TODAY'S TMJ4's Jermont Terry reports the mother was too distraught to talk about the death, but her pastor says she's asking the community to pray for her as he tries to get through this difficult time.

Pediatrician Margaret Hennessy suggests to avoid having blinds with cords inside your home.

"There is a Window Covering Safety Council that has developed a tool kit that you can use to safeguard your windows, and it is free," said Hennessy.

Click here for information on that took kit.