Hundreds attend vigil in Port Washington for missing teen presumed dead

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Photo: Keller Russell Photo: Image by Keller Russell

Hundreds attend vigil in Port Washington for missing teen presumed dead

CREATED Sep. 3, 2012

PORT WASHINGTON- TODAY'S TMJ4's Keller Russell reports that nearly 1,000 people gathered for a vigil for 15-year-old Tyler Buczek Monday night.

People filled a parking lot overlooking Lake Michigan where it is believed that Tyler Buczek drowned over the weekend.

Song, prayer and tears flowed as the community of Port Washington rallied around the teenager's family.

His mother and brother were seen holding each other at times.

Friends wore his favorite color, blue, to the candlelight vigil.

"We just want people to know when they see the blue ribbon to think of Tyler," explained Tyler's classmate Caitlin Schultz.

Those who know Tyler recall a boy with a big future.

Tyler worked at Mary Ann Voigt's dockside deli this summer, alongside his mom.

"He wanted to be the quarterback on his football team. He was valedictorian of his 8th grade class, he was student of the year, he won every science project there was to have," said Voigt.

"He was just incredible. You know, he was the kind of kid that you'd say someday he's going to be president. That's just the kind of kid he was."

Divers searched Lake Michigan for Tyler's body again on Monday.  Low visibility and currents made it difficult for rescue crews.

As the time slips by, the community just prays the family will get to see their son one last time.

Tyler would have started his first day of high school Tuesday.  Students plan to wear blue again in his honor.

Meanwhile authorities have indefinitely suspended their water search for his body.