Phony baseball player due in court Thursday on fraud charges

Phony baseball player due in court Thursday on fraud charges

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Jun 20, 2012 - UPDATED: Jun 20, 2012

MILWAUKEE- It seems hard to believe, but a pair of out-of-state sports agents were tricked into believing a 28-year-old man was a baseball player with a major league contract.

28-year-old Montaous Walton told TODAY'S TMJ4 he wanted to do an interview about his professional baseball career.

Only problem: He isn't a pro baseball player and you won't find him on a baseball card.  

Instead, Walton was arrested because police say he conned agents into thinking he was a Toronto Blue Jay.

Two sports agents even gave Walton thousands of dollars of property.

The I-Team's Rob Koebel stopped by his Milwaukee home hoping to get his side of this strange story, but those inside told Koebel that he wasn't home.

He was, however, the talk of the town at the tailgating parties before the Brewers game Wednesday afternoon against the Toronto Blue Jays -- the team he claimed to have a contract with and played for.

"That is strange.  I have heard of that kind of thing, but to really seriously think you are going to get away with it at some junction -- I mean it takes guts to do it..takes guts to do it," said baseball fan Daniel Noah.

Court documents say the sports agents thought something wasn't right with Walton's situation, so they requested a copy of his baseball contract.  That's when they found out his claim wasn't legit.

Walton will be in court Thursday on theft and false representation charges.