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Governor, Barrett react to Journal Sentinel Walker endorsement

Todd Hicks

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Governor, Barrett react to Journal Sentinel Walker endorsement

CREATED May. 20, 2012

MILWAUKEE - The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's endorsement of Governor Scott Walker is drawing both criticism and praise from the two candidates in the bitter recall election.

Walker's challenger, Mayor Tom Barrett downplayed the news while making a stop to speak at a Milwaukee church. Barrett said, "they endorsed him last time, I think they're slanted. Clearly, their editorial policies have gone to the right."

Governor Walker offered his own spin during a campaign stop in Fond du Lac.

He said, "I don't think I've ever heard the Journal Sentinel called right leaning, I think it just reflects the mass majority across the state."

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin issued a statement following the endorsement. In a statement, Chair Mike Tate blasted Governor Walker saying, "It saddens, but does not surprise, that the state's largest newspaper would continue to support the most divisive, and possibly most corrupt, governor in Wisconsin history."

Governor Walker wasted no time lashing back Sunday.

He said the Barrett campaign is becoming desperate.

The recall election will take place June 5th.

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