Kleefisch appears at Milwaukee-area jobs fair

Lacey Crisp

Kleefisch appears at Milwaukee-area jobs fair

CREATED May. 10, 2012 - UPDATED: May. 10, 2012

MILWAUKEE- Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch is facing a recall on June 5. 

In normal elections, the governor and lieutenant governor run as a ticket, but that's not the case in the recall election.  Voters have to cast ballots for the governor and lieutenant governor separately, which means that race too, is heating up.
Walking through a jobs fair at State Fair Park, Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch argues creating jobs has been, and will be her number one goal.
"We saw in 3 years prior to us taking off, 150,000 jobs lost last year.  We stopped the losses last year.  We've seen a gain of 15,000 private sector jobs," Kleefisch said.
Meanwhile, Democratic challenger and firefighter's union leader Mahlon Mitchell argues it's his party that will do a better job at creating jobs.
"We have a Governor who promised 250,000 jobs in four years.  We've had nothing but straight job losses.  23,900 jobs lost last month," Mitchell said.
Kleefisch and Mitchell say even though it's a split ticket, they'll be working on the campaign with  their gubernatorial counterparts.
"We are working hand in hand with the mayor.  We're going to work in unison to get the job done," Mitchell said.
"You're going to see the governor and I talking about the fact that we have saved a billion dollars for state and local governments," Kleefisch said.
A newcomer to politics, the firefighter's union leader claims he's an average middle class guy that can help the state.
"What I lose in experience, I make up for in doing the right thing," Mitchell said.
Kleefisch hopes voters agree with her that the state is on the right track, but admits it will be a tough race.
"We also need to make sure there's still a sense of urgency out there.  The polls show this is going to be a tight race," Kleefisch said.