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Strong turnout on first day of early voting in Milwaukee

Strong turnout on first day of early voting in Milwaukee

By Jon Byman. CREATED Apr 24, 2012

MILWAUKEE - It's a minuscule amount of what total turnout will be.  But we're getting our first look at turnout in unprecedented elections as early voting begins this week.

"It's very difficult to predict [turnout] because when we do predict turnout we look at previous elections and we have nothing to look at," City of Milwaukee Election Commissioner Sue Edman said.

Edman says more than 80 people cast a ballot in the City of Milwaukee on the first day of early voting.  That may not sound like much, but it's nearly 4 times what the city gets on a typical first early voting day.  "Generally our first day we see 20, maybe 25 people at the most," Edman said.

Edman says she's getting ready for as many as 100,000 people to cast a ballot in the city for the primary election and as many as 175,000 or more in the general recall election in June.

When Governor Walker was elected in 2010 the turnout in the city was about 180,000.  Edman says a Presidential election will usually bring out about 275,000 people.