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Democrats attack Governor Walker's policies in Racine town hall meeting

Charles Benson

Democrats attack Governor Walker's policies in Racine town hall meeting

CREATED Apr. 23, 2012 - UPDATED: Apr. 23, 2012

RACINE- Democrats hoping to take on Governor Scott Walker faced off in Racine Monday night.
The Democratic primary is May 8, the winner will challenge Walker in the historic June 5 recall election.
Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk sat side by side at the town hall meeting, but the two biggest names in the Democratic primary never mentioned each other by name.

They did share a common gripe with Governor Walker.  Falk says she would veto the entire budget bill if it doesn't restore collective bargaining rights.  "Unless you are serious about restoring it, you've got to be willing to veto a bill," said Falk. "That's the one tool the governor has and that's the tool you've got to be willing to exercise." 
Barrett opposes that method, but says he would work to end restrictions on collective bargaining.
"Scott Walker and his allies want to make this a right-to-work state," said Barrett.  "They started with the public employees to cut off the head and now they want to go after the rest of the body."
Most of the questions from the labor friendly audience were about reversing decisions made by Governor Walker and the Democratic candidates agrees that is the goal.
Secretary of State Doug LaFollette says the state is broken but not broke.  "I'm running not just against Mr. Walker, but for the people of Wisconsin," said LaFollette.
State Senator Kathleen Vinehout believes hope needs to be restored in Madison.  "Hope that brings us not only a new governor but a new way to govern," said Vinehout.
Organizers say Governor Walker was invited but he declined.