A Gibson for a Gibson

Michele Fiore

Photo: Video by tmj4.com

A Gibson for a Gibson

CREATED Apr. 7, 2012

BROOKFIELD, Wis. - So much thought goes into the naming of our children.

For one little guy in Brookfield, he can never forget just how much his musician father loves Gibson's guitars.

Mike Weber says well before he ever thought about having kids, he had the name of his son picked out.

When Waukesha's mayor found out about two month old Gibson Weber, he reached out to the guitar maker, and you could say, it struck a chord with the company.

As Today's TMJ4's Tom Murray reports, Gibson's showered the family with gifts, including a mini-guitar with a note from the CEO that said, "A Gibson for a Gibson.  I'd love to hear him play someday."

Mike Weber plays drums in a band called Ordinary Fiction.

As for naming future children, that decision might have to go to Crystal Weber who says they've thought about the name Marshall.