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Tom Barrett splits focus on mayoral, gubernatorial race

Charles Benson

Tom Barrett splits focus on mayoral, gubernatorial race

CREATED Apr. 2, 2012 - UPDATED: Apr. 2, 2012

MILWAUKEE- It isn't all presidential politics on the ballot Tuesday.  Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is running for a third term as mayor, but he's also running for governor.

Mayor Barrett could find himself on a ballot three times in the next three months, once for mayor and potentially twice for governor; that has caught the attention of his opponent for mayor.

On the eve of Tuesday's mayoral election Edward McDonald is going door door on the city's east side for votes.  If you don't recognize the name or face you're not alone.  "When people go to the polls tomorrow they should vote for Edward McDonald, they are going to get 100%," said Asst. Prof. Edward McDonald of the UW-Extension.

McDonald says it has been his life long dream to be mayor.  His main issue with Tom Barrett is his commitment to the job.  "Tom (Barrett) this weekend indicated he didn't want to be mayor any more, he wanted to be governor," asserted McDonald.

Mayor Barrett says he is focused on being mayor, but concedes he will be multi-tasking. He was on a national cable TV show Monday night talking about the governor's race.  He believes some of the economic issues facing Milwaukee are the same statewide.

"Really, one of the driving forces that put me into the race for governor is as how this governor has treated Milwaukee," Barrett remarked.  "How he (Governor Scott Walker) has treated other cities in the state and really tried to divided them."