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Complaints over speeders along W. Morgan Avenue

Steve Chamraz

Complaints over speeders along W. Morgan Avenue

CREATED Mar. 21, 2012 - UPDATED: Mar. 21, 2012

MILWAUKEE- It's the perfect recipe for a speeder's paradise -- two wide stretches of asphalt divided by a big, tree-lined median.
That a good stretch of Morgan Avenue runs downhill only encourages drivers to exceed the 30 mile per hour limit.
Which is why over the past month viewers filed three complaints about this street with Speedbusters.  One complaint from S. 64th and W. Morgan Ave., another at S. 77th and W. Morgan Ave., and the third near S. 93rd and W. Morgan Ave.
"It's like great lakes speedway.  People just flying past here," said John Jeffery, who lives near S. 64th Street.
"I've seen numerous accidents, things happen throughout the years. Luckily, no kids have been involved, but I don't want to see that happen."
Speeding is such a known problem on Morgan Avenue Alderman Joe Dudzik knew exactly why we were there when he drove by.
Though Dudzik admits actually doing something about speeders is a tough task.
"Somebody says 'we got speeding,' I say when. 'All day long,'" the alderman recounted. "I can't set a squad out here all day to catch five guys speeding."
Just like Speedbusters can't sit out here all the time.
We just hope the drivers on Morgan Avenue get the message -- and slow it down.