Ask Aaron: Aaron Rodgers has some advice for Packers fans in Bears Country

Stephanie Graham

Ask Aaron: Aaron Rodgers has some advice for Packers fans in Bears Country

CREATED Dec. 20, 2011 - UPDATED: Dec. 20, 2011

GREEN BAY- It's time for another installment of Ask Aaron, where you ask the questions! This week, Aaron admits he has a somewhat questionable good luck charm, and he has some advice for Packers fans in Bears country!

JOHNNY: "This is Johnny from Milwaukee. On gameday I have two rituals. First thing is I can't watch kickoff. Two, I take a shower at halftime. (Aaron starts laughing) What are your gameday rituals?"

WAYNE: "Did we get too much information there or what?"

AARON: "I can't compete with those. I just call my grandparents, and yeah... I have a specific playlist that week I like to listen to."

WAYNE: "You've said that before about your grandparents. Not your parents, your grandparents? Why is that?"

AARON: "Just I've always done that, they haven't been able to be at my games, so I kind of started that in college. Because my parents were great, come to just about every road game, especially in 2004, so I just called my grandparents to let them know I'm thinking about them. Grandma doesn't like to fly, they drive everywhere, and it's difficult to get to various cities without flying. But they did drive down to Dallas for the Super Bowl."

RYAN: "My name is Ryan. Hey Aaron, I traveled all the way to Kansas City to see you. If you could travel back in time, who would you see?"

AARON: "That's a good question. I think I'd like to see Bart Starr play in his prime. Bart had some really flattering and honoring things to say about me that I heard, and I'm really impressed every time I've met him, and blown away by his character. He's an idol of mine, and as I get older, a guy I'd like to be like. During his career and post-career as well, so I'd love to go back and watch Bart, and all the many names they had in there in the run in the 60's."

WAYNE: "I watched them as a kid, they were my team and they were wonderful to watch, and the thing about Bart you mentioned, and back in those days, I understand the game is much different, but they called their own plays. I mean he was calling the plays on the last drive against Dallas, not sending anything in from upstairs, and you can't do that today, but that was kind of interesting about those quarterbacks back in that era."

AARON: "That would be fun."

LAUREN: "Hi Aaron, my name's Lauren. This is my lucky charm Vince Lombardi. Do you have any lucky charms? Go Pack Go! I got the moves like Jagger! I got the mooooves! Aaron Rodgers!"

AARON: "Wow! That was entertaining. Lucky charms? I can say this now, but I was wearing the same pair of jeans every week--to the stadium or on the road, and I think I only washed them one time."

WAYNE: "Wow, last year?"

AARON: "No, this year, but I took those off and threw them in the wash."

WAYNE: "So that's why you lost to KC?"

AARON: "No! I wore 'em."

LITTLE BOY: "Hi Aaron. Are you the best quarterback in the world?"

AARON: (laughs) "I'm gonna let you figure that out buddy... whatever you think."

BEARS FANS: "Hey Aaron. We live in Milwaukee, but our cousin's from Chicago, in the heart of Bear Country, but we're still die-hard Packer fans. Aaron--do you have any advice to get those crazy Bear fans like our other cousins off our backs? DA BEARS!"

AARON: "Well, you can remind them about the wins we've had against them in the past couple years, and then remind 'em what our records are this year too (big smile)."