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GOP files lawsuit against GAB, Democrats announce new recall numbers

Charles Benson

GOP files lawsuit against GAB, Democrats announce new recall numbers

CREATED Dec. 15, 2011

WAUKESHA- Governor Walker's campaign and the Republican Party filed a lawsuit in Waukesha at the same time Democrats were announcing their new recall numbers.

Republicans are suing to force state elections officials to step up their game when reviewing recall signatures. They want the Government Accountability Board, or GAB, to at least visually look for phony or duplicate signatures.

"What we are talking about are signatures that on their face are invalid and we are asking GAB to exclude those when it does its counting," said Joe Olson, a lawyer for the Republicans.

The GAB has come under criticism for saying it's not the board's responsibility to find duplicates or "Mickey Mouse" signatures. It's up to Republicans and Scott Walker's team to challenge those signatures.

"We think it allows an avenue for people to artificially inflate the number, there by giving different groups of electors greater say or lesser say in the process," said Olson.

Democrats argue they are checking for bad signatures and accuse the Republicans of attacking the process because they're losing.

 "The attack on the system and the process are going to look pretty foolish in pretty quick time," said Graeme Zielinski, spokesperson with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

He says a very small number of names have been thrown out.

The Government Accountability Board's director Kevin Kennedy is defending the review process, saying it has been in place since the 1980s for all recalls including Republicans and Democrats.