Aaron Rodgers: "I got straight A's all the way up until 9th grade"

Stephanie Graham & WTMJ News Team

Aaron Rodgers: "I got straight A's all the way up until 9th grade"

CREATED Nov. 16, 2011 - UPDATED: Nov. 16, 2011

GREEN BAY- In an exclusive segment, TODAY'S TMJ4 viewers ask Aaron Rodgers questions. Today--we look at why Rodgers is so good under pressure, and how far he can throw the pigskin. We start with a question about Aaron as a youngster.

CONNOR:  "Aaron, my name's Connor, I want to ask if you were a good boy at school? 

(laughs)  "That's a great question. I was a good student. I always was you know, going to school on time and paying attention. I got straight A's all the way up until 9th grade, and then 10th grade I got my first B, so definitely knew the importance of school, and getting my education was an integral part of my opportunities as a quarterback, and if anyone knows my story, being able to be cleared through the Clearinghouse and leave junior college up to 1 year, gave me an opportunity to play at Cal and the rest is history."

ANGIE & ART:  "Hi, this is Angie and Art.  Have you had any opportunities to watch any of the Badger football games this year?"

AARON:  "I have been following the Wisconsin… I'm a big Wisconsin sports fan now, I've lived here 7 years.  So obviously I follow the Bucks, the Brewers, and Badgers, UWM, Marquette, UWGB Men and Women, but it's been fun to follow WI, I thought this might be their year, get into the National Championship, lost a couple heartbreakers, that Michigan State one was just brutal.  The Ohio State one was almost as brutal. But it's a talented team, Russell Wilson's been playing great at quarterback, and they've got a bunch of running backs they can use, been fun to watch, disappointed they had those heartbreaking losses."

  "Namaste Aaron!  You're so calm under pressure Aaron, ever happen to practice any yoga?  Uuum..."

AARON:  "Oh my God!!" (laughs)  I actually love to do yoga. I don't do it that often, but I have tried the hot yoga and just the regular yoga, and it's incredible for stretching and relaxing, but just don't get to do it as much as I'd like to, but I enjoy doing yoga."

JASON:  "My name is Jason and I live in Alabama and I'm a huge Packer fan.  Hey Aaron, I wonder how far you can throw a football?  Thanks for being a great role model."

AARON:  "Alright, thanks buddy.  I've probably thrown a ball without pads on, my farthest, I was warming up for an All-Star game after high school, I was on the other 40, and I threw it through the uprights, so it was about a 70-yd throw through the uprights, and then landed 5 or 6 yards past.  In a game I threw ball against Detroit 2009 on Thanksgiving, that Donald caught about 68 yards in the air, so I like to think  high-60's with pads on is about my max, and without the pads on maybe a few more yards than that."

WAYNE:  "That's far enough." 

AARON:  "Yeah, that's far enough--not many guys that can outrun that."