State Rep. Vos reacts to beer dumping incident

Charles Benson

State Rep. Vos reacts to beer dumping incident

CREATED Sep. 15, 2011 - UPDATED: Sep. 16, 2011

MADISON - A protester is suspected of dumping beer on several state lawmakers. The controversy goes all the way back to the capitol chaos.

Burlington Republican Robin Vos had beer poured on his head at a bar right across the street from the Capitol.

"I was almost to the point where I thought nothing could surprise me," said Vos on Newsradio 620 WTMJ's "Midday with Charlie Sykes."
"Somehow, you drive into downtown Madison, and within a 10-block radius of the Capitol, there is a license to be a total jerk and a freak, and that's exactly what these people are."
In an earlier statement, Vos said it's a shame when the expression of free speech turns into criminal behavior. The person accused of doing it was ticketed.
Miles Kristan showed up as planned to talk with Madison Police about the beer-throwing incident but he was not in the mood to talk with TODAY'S TMJ4 about it.

"I'm not answering those questions," said Kristan when asked if he poured beer on Vos.
Kristan was given a disorderly conduct ticket. Rep. Vos and two other lawmakers where at the Inn on the Park Tuesday night when they had beer poured on them by a protester.
Kristan supporters were not apologetic.
They were singing: "We are going to pour a beer on him," while waiting for Kristan to exit the Madison Police Department.
When asked if that was acceptable behavior Harriet Rowan said, "that's not the point.  I don't think it's acceptable behavior for Robin Vos to sit on Joint Finance Committee and pass an anti-people budget."
Kristan is a Racine native who calls himself an activist. Others might say he's a professional protester. Kristan has been very vocal of his opposition to Vos, aggressively following him wherever he goes.
Why? "Robin Vos refuses to speak to his constituents." said Kristan.
Vos says, "Legislators are regularly harassed by certain protesters and this is an unfortunate reminder of what lawmakers have to put up with every day in Madison."