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Greenfield woman arrested for threatening to kill college students at graduation

Greenfield woman arrested for threatening to kill college students at graduation

By Heather Shannon. CREATED Jun 9, 2011

GREENFIELD--42 year old Dawn Dewane of Greenfield was arrested Tuesday morning for threatening to kill college students at their graduation.

A search warrant and police report show that Dewane threatened to kill students at the University of California-Irvine at graduation.  The search warrants said she anonymously emailed UC-Irvine, saying she was going to kill students in her husband's class, and would "ruin graduation."  Officials said she had been threatening violence for a year.

Dewane allegedly threatened to kill the students because she was mad at a female student she believed had an affair with her husband.  Police said Dewane is originally from Wisconsin, and lives here now, but just recently moved back from California.  At one point she bragged through an anonymous email that she stockpiled guns and ammunition.  Greenfield Police, UC-Irvine Police, and the SWAT Team raided her apartment and arrested her Tuesday morning.

Police seized computers and hard drives, but never founds the guns or ammunition she claimed to have.  She was arrested without incident.  She moved to Greenfield last week. 

Police in part tracked her down because she used free WI-FI at restaurants in our area.  Police said she made one threat while using the free WI-FI at the Culver's Restaurant in Hales Corners.

Dewane is in custody at the Milwaukee County Jail, but will be extradited to California for charges there in the next couple of days.