History of Milwaukee Police-related issues under Chief Flynn

Scroll through the photos for a history and story links about recent issues involving the MPD.

  • Calls have recently come for Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn to resign or be fired. He responded to calls for his removal, saying "I'm not going anywhere." Story

  • Those calls came after a series of issues within the Milwaukee Police Department. Raw video of secret meeting

  • Among the cases that have led to this point: the death of Derek Williams in police custody. Story

  • He passed away in a case which the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner has called a homicide (a different definition than police/DA's office). Story

  • An investigation into alleged strip searches by MPD officers began in March. Special section

  • Raw video shows a controversial, aggressive drunk driving arrest by Milwaukee Police officers on Water Street. Story

  • The MPD came under recent fire for reportedly under-reporting violent crimes. Story

  • A report says that MPD officers did not break policy in how they handled the case of Darius Simmons, a 13-year-old who was shot and killed. Story

  • At a meeting of the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission, a handful of community members demanded Flynn's resignation. Story

  • Mounting pressure surrounding the Derek Williams case brought angry residents to City Hall. Many people asked for the chief's job. Story

  • Because of meeting rules, Flynn was not allowed to respond to complaints. He has repeatedly maintained he will not step down. Story

  • "Officers are literally placing themselves at personal risk to protect people of every color, every background, every social class. We're committed to continue to do that," Flynn said. Story

  • Now, four Milwaukee Police officers face charges in the strip search investigation. Special section

  • A federal investigation could begin in the case. Special section on MPD strip searches.

  • The officers face a combined 37 charges. One officer faces 25, including sexual assault. Special section on MPD strip searches.