Christmas tree crop affected by recent Wisconsin drought

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  • MILWAUKEE - This year's drought has affected the Christmas tree harvest.

    The fat, full tree is out this season.

  • "It won't be as full. It will appear thinner," said Ken Ottman, who owns Ottman Tree Farms.

    He says if you're tree shopping this weekend, give it a good shake.

  • Ottman explains that all trees lose some needles.

    "Those needles will be brown. They'll be loosely attached. Sometimes, they'll fall off. If you see green needles on the ground, you've got a problem."

  • Ottman recommends buying early for the healthiest selection, but he says you should wait a week to move the tree indoors.

    He also recommends keeping the tree in a bucket of water in the shade.

    Ottman has a tree location at Highway 164 and West Capitol Drive in Pewaukee.