Waukesha West's moment of truth leads to top weekly honor


Photo: Video by tmj4.com

Waukesha West's moment of truth leads to top weekly honor

By Tony Atkins. CREATED Sep 11, 2013

Normally, Fridays are known for the bright lights and epic showdowns when it comes to high school football.

Try telling that to the Waukesha West Wolverines, who marched down to Mukwonago to take on the Indians in a showdown for the ages last Thursday.

Both teams fought hard.

In the end, the Wolverines would come away with the 45-44 victory on a two-point conversion that could have either won or lost the game.

Coach Steve Rux gave his team the option of going for the extra point or trying for the two point conversion.

“He asked us what we wanted to do,” said left guard Austin Vetta, a team captain.

“He said, ‘Should we go for the field goal or should we go for the win?’ Obviously, our team is going for the win. We don't want to tie it. We don't want to keep this going much longer. We just wanted to go in and finish it out."

Finishing it out is what the Wolverines would ultimately do as time ran down in overtime. As time dwindled down, focus would be the key.

“It was hard,” said tight end David Konowalski. “We just had to calm down and just think about the plays and what was going on and just keep our focus. The main goal was to win the game.”

Leading the pack of Wolverines was their star running back Elijah Fort, who contributed a ton of offense for his team with 157 yards and three touchdowns.

He anticipated a tough matchup heading into Thursday, as the Indians were also 2-0 heading into the showdown.

“Well, we knew we were gonna come in and play a tough team,” said Fort.

“Mukwonago is really tough and we know the offense had to do a good job of moving the ball. Running hard every play, hitting hard every play, so I just tried to go in there and run my hardest and go hard every play.”

The Wolverines would have to play catch-up early as the Indians got off to a quick start.

Plays like the 58-yard pick-six by West cornerback Alex Andraski would be the key.

When he talked about the big play, there was only one thing on his mind.

"I gotta score. I didn't want to get caught,” said Andraski.

As the score would run up, the time would run down and the Wolverines made the decision to go for the win with the clock running out.

Running back Thomas MacCudden would pound it in two yards to claim the victory.

Vetta was one of the linemen who helped open the hole for MacCudden on that final play.

“I approached the line just thinking, ‘We needed two yards to win this football game,’ and that’s all in my mind is to get that two yards, as physical as possible,” said Vetta.

“Just fly off the ball and hit the guy across from me as hard as I could.”

After digging deep and coming out of Mukwonago with a narrow 45-44 victory, the Waukesha West Wolverines are this week’s Friday Football Frenzy Team of the Week.

Jay Sorgi contributed to this report.