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Rodgers, Packers teammates become 'Maca-Reindeer'

Aaron Rodgers and T.J. Lang as Packers Maca-Reindeer. Photo: Image by jibjab.com

Rodgers, Packers teammates become 'Maca-Reindeer'

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Dec 5, 2013

Once again, Josh Sitton has struck again as the Packers' king of social media.

Wednesday night, he decided to grab the headshots of teammates like Aaron Rodgers and fellow guard T.J. Lang and make them dancing reindeer through the site Jibjab.

No, it's not the Packerena, the fan dance craze from Super Bowl XXXI.  It's better...because it's actual Packers (or at least their heads) being put in the positions of Donner and Blitzen, showing off their dance moves.

Sitton seems to really want to make Lang into an entertainer.  After all, he's trying to get him to sing on national TV, and NBC is listening.

Rodgers has already shown off his musical skills in a charitable effort.

Jay Sorgi

Jay Sorgi

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