WATCH: Pug vs. K9, SWAT team

WATCH: Pug vs. K9, SWAT team

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Mar 9, 2014

This video captured by an overhead helicopter news team will make you feel empowered. You're only as strong as you make yourself feel.

Pug vs. K9: the epitome of the Napoleon complex? Did we mention the K9 has an elite SWAT team for reinforcement?

"A pug took on a SWAT team that was trying to negotiate with an armed suspect who barricaded himself in his Phoenix home," reports Fox News Insider.

The feisty neighborhood pug crossed a police barrier and ran straight to the SWAT team's K9 member to pick a territorial fight during a four-hour-long standoff. 

Watch above as these grown men fail at attempting to catch this hilarious little troublemaker.