'Boyfriend rules' lists 31 must-haves by two young sisters

Julianne Cassidy

'Boyfriend rules' lists 31 must-haves by two young sisters

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Feb 6, 2014

A child-scribbled "list of boyfriend rules" that Twitter user Gabrielle Daniels tweeted has gone viral.

Daniels' Twitter account notes that besides being an "on-air (very) local TV" host in Boston, she's a "mom of funny kids." And after her tweeted picture of a list her daughters, Brooke, 9, and Blair, 6, wrote, we can't help but agree.

By the looks of the list of 31 "boyfriend rules" it seems some of Daniels' teachings as a mom have actually gotten through to the little girls, such as No. 13. "don't pick your nose" and No. 28. "brushes teeth and floss." Yet presumably, Daniels has not yet had occasion to talk to her children about wanting to find a husband who, as No. 4 states, is "not living with parents" and No. 9 has a "nice place."

Daniel's shared with ABC News that Brooke, the oldest, was helping little sister Blair learn the value of having a good boyfriend, like No. 15. "marry someone who respects you." Daniels says, however, "I've told them that they can't date until they are 25," reports ABC News.

And what topped the list at No. 1? "Nice handwriting." Reigning just over No. 2's "cuteness," of course.