RECIPE # 4740 BUTTERNUT SQUASH HASH Monday December 5, 2011

RECIPE # 4740 BUTTERNUT SQUASH HASH Monday December 5, 2011

CREATED Dec 5, 2011


Butternut Squash Hash with Benton's Bacon

2 butternut squash or (6 medium sweet potatoes), peeled and cut in medium dice

6 strips of Benton's bacon

½ cup heavy cream

1 large sweet onion, julienned

Salt & Pepper to taste

Olive oil

Chopped parsley or rosemary to garnish

Preheat oven to 300. Cook bacon -- either on a sheet pan in 300* oven, or in a large sauté pan -- until crisp, drain on paper towels. Slice into lardons, or thin strips.

Toss squash in olive oil, salt & pepper. Roast at 300* until fork tender and slightly caramelized.

Meanwhile, put one or two good glugs of olive oil in a wide pan; cook onions over medium-low heat until translucent, caramelized, and golden brown. Drain any excess oil, then add the cooked bacon to the onions, sauté briefly to render. Add squash, bring back up to high heat; add cream and allow to reduce until thickened. Toss to coat remaining ingredients. Season to taste, garnish with chopped parsley or finely minced fresh rosemary; serve immediately.